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Fluval Aquasky LED Review

Fluval Aquasky Aquarium LED Review

Today we are going to review the Fluval Aquasky Aquarium LED. Lighting for your aquarium is one of the most important requirements in order to take good care of your fish. Having the right lighting can also play a huge role in having an attractive aquarium.

Fluval Aquasky LED light is known in the market as one of the finest lighting systems that you can purchase for your aquarium. It is an 18-Watt LED lighting unit to be used in freshwater aquariums with plants that require a low-to-mid light level and fish-only saltwater aquariums. The Fluval Aquasky LED light has averaged 4.5 out of 5 stars – making it one of the top aquarium LED lighting system you can find online.

The Pros:

  • Simple set up
  • Very low maintenance
  • 11 preset lighting effects that you can select from
  • Remote control and timer included for setting up the right hours of operation

The Cons:

  • It may not be suitable for small aquariums due to the product’s overall size and dimensions

Fluval Aquasky LED Key Features

Water Proof

The LED light is said to be set at an IP67 waterproof rating which means that the light system can be mounted at a very close to the water’s surface and will endure regular splashing. This also provides better light penetration which you may need depending on your fish and aquatic plants.

Preset Sky Effects

Pairing bright White and RGB LEDs, Aquasky offers thousands of color blends and 11 preset sky effects for a more personalized environment.

Extra Features

The included Infrared SKYpad remote control adjusts color, brightness and sky effects with 4 memory-save settings. It also comes with an LED dual lamp timer for automatic adjustment of the light levels.

Fluval Aquasky LED Review

Build and Durability

The Fluval Aquasky LED fixture rates high for its use of extremely durable materials and is designed to last 50,000 hours under regular operating conditions. This LED’s size is also perfect for large tanks, but may only not fit on small tanks.

Price and Warranty

The Fluval Aquasky LED base price is just fair enough to be considered affordable. You can also add additional accessories such as the LED dual lamp timer that we just mentioned earlier and a multi-stage filtration system. The filtration system is an excellent addon due to its high power, and it also produces almost no noise and vibration. The 3-year limited warranty will protect against defects in material or workmanship under normal aquarium usage and service.

How Does The Fluval Aquasky Aquarium LED Compare?

In our review of the Fluval Aquasky LED we were very pleased with its level of performace but lets see how it compares to other Aquarium LED lighting systems.

Fluval Aquasky LED vs NICREW ClassicLED Plus

The NICREW ClassicLED Aquarium Light is said to be a full spectrum for fish tank lights. It has a more modern look with an aluminum design. It’s also the latest model that’s said to be 25% brighter than most of its predecessors. It’s also adjustable to be suitable for framed and rimless aquariums as well. The product also works for saltwater and freshwater of fishes, as well as aquatic plants.

The NICREW ClassicLED Plus basically stands out well, just like the Fluval Aquasky LED Light, but it lacks convenient features for adjusting the light. It also has one light setting only.

Fluval Aquasky LED vs TOPLANET LED Aquarium 165W

The TOPLANET LED Aquarium Light is known to contain LED chips with high levels of brightness and penetration. The product basically has an excellent light system that also contains a multitude of colors to provide a more natural setup once it penetrates the water on the tank. However, it appears that the product needs to be hanged in order for it to be used with efficiency, and it doesn’t have adjustable light levels.

It can replicate daytime and nighttime as well, but its build means you have to adjust the aquarium’s position and overall setup as well. However, we have found the Fluval LED light is much easier to use than this.

Fluval Aquasky LED vs TANGKULA Aquarium LED Light

The TANGKULA Aquarium LED Light costs lower than the Fluval LED light in terms of its overall price, but it actually lacks the extra features as it only stands as a light system only. But it is known to be adjustable due to its extendable brackets, making it suitable for large tanks by extending it, while retaining its size for small tanks. The product is also known to be made of high-quality PVC to ensure stability for a long time, meaning there will be no wobbling.

It is also known to have two lighting colors only but can be used together for a good-looking landscape. Basically, the Fluval LED light is a better choice, despite its higher cost.

Final Thoughts

We hope this Fluval Aquasky LED review will surely guide you well with the facts in regards to the overall quality of this product. It’s one of the most in-demand aquarium lights in the market, and many aquarium owners and fish enthusiasts rave about this lighting system.

Rest assured that it will also do you well once you get one online.

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