Maxspect Gyre Pump Review

Maxspect Gyre Aquarium Pump Review

When it comes to a saltwater aquarium, it may be difficult to determine which pumps are generating a wave of interest in today’s market. There are a few products that do stand out, and the Maxspect Gyre pump line of equipment represent some of the most versatile pumps out there. In this Maxspect Gyre Pump Review, we hope to provide a closer look at these water pumps.

Maxspect Gyre Aquarium Pump Key Features

The Maxspect Gyre pump product line offers five units of varying power and sizes (Maxspect Gyre XF130, Maxspect Gyre XF150, Maxspect Gyre XF230, Maxspect Gyre XF 250, and the Maxspect Gyre XF 280). Each pump generates water flow throughout the entire water column using cross-flow design technology.

This design consideration helps to eliminate dead spots along the aquarium bottom, unlike traditional propeller designs. The strong circulation that the Maxspect Gyre pump products produce help to create an even flow that will not limit coral placement in a tank, a feature that propeller designs struggle with due to a strong flow located primarily in the tank’s center.

The Maxspect pumps can also be adjusted to provide a variety of water flow modes. A consistent circulation can be replaced with a pulse flow that generates waves. An alternating mode provides water movements in two directions and a feeding mode temporarily halts pump activity when fish need to eat.

Each of the Gyre pumps has adjustable power levels that allow a user to adjust the output that the pump produces. The controller for the Maxspect Gyre XF130 or Maxspect Gyre XF150 is simple to program and use. An advanced controller is used with the Gyre200 series that is capable of operating two pumps simultaneously.

Maxspect Gyre Review


  • The crossflow technology helps to eliminate dead spots
  • There are four distinct flow modes that the pump can generate
  • It can be adjusted for 10 separate power settings
  • This pump comes with spare parts to limit downtime


  • The controller for the pump is not waterproof
  • It comes with limited mounting hardware
  • The waves created by the pulse mode can compromise tank integrity over time

Product Packaging

The products are shipped in multiple layers of protection for shipping. Each pump’s standard packaging is surrounded by foam that is enclosed in a box. This box is surrounded by foam within the cardboard shipping box. These layers of protection should provide adequate protection for the pump, even with rough shipping conditions.

Build Materials

All of the Gyre pump housing pieces are made from a hard black plastic that should withstand saltwater conditions for many years without breaking down. The pump motor is sealed to help prevent water damage. Where necessary, flexible rubber grommets are used.

It should be noted here that the controller housing is also plastic in nature, but it is not sealed and can be damaged if submerged. The manufacturer tests each pump before it is shipped and are covered by a one-year warranty. Each pump is CE and UL listed that confirm European and North American product standards.

Operating Characteristics

The Maxspect Gyre pump products do generate a consistent humming during operation. The sound levels will vary, depending upon the operation mode and power level settings. Decibel levels can range from 38 to 46 dB. That places the noise level between a whisper to the noise found at a typical urban residence.

Maxspect lists the power consumption for each pump model. The wattage ranges from 8-watts to 80-watts, depending upon the model and the operating level it is set to. We noted that maximum wave generation is achieved at less than the highest power setting, usually just above 50-percent power.


The pump can be broken down very quickly. Cleaning access to internal parts is sufficient, a bonus for owners as these pumps will require routine maintenance to remove debris and build-up. Extra bushings, impellers, and housings are included. These extras should prove useful to those looking to limit pump downtime by working on the pump on their own.

The manufacturer offers spare parts that can be shipped, and pumps covered by the warranty can be sent to their location in Louisiana to be worked on.

Ease Of Use

These pumps come with an external controller that can be programmed in minutes. The instructions that are provided are easy to understand, and online resources are accessible. It comes with three buttons that control power, mode, and operating levels.

Four operating modes allow the pump to generate continual flow, a pulse mode to generate waves, an alternating mode that creates water current in two directions, as well as a feeding mode. This provides control over the current for optimal reef health and feeding.

The controller also allows the user to set the power generated with 10 settings. This feature provides an owner with more control when matching wave generation to the aquarium’s specifications.

How Does The Maxspect Gyre Pump Compare?

Maxspect Gyre Aquarium Pump vs eFlux Wave Pump Kit

The eFlux Wave Pump Kit does not provide complete circulation throughout the water column, but it does offer more control features than the Maxspect will. Multiple sensors provide a more detailed picture of the water’s conditions. It also has a remote control, making it an option for gadget lovers when compared to the Maxspect wired design.

Maxspect Gyre Aquarium Pump vs Kedsum Aquarium Circulation Pump

The Kedsum Aquarium Circulation Pump is a single powerhead design that provides a narrow path for wave generation. This narrow path may prove difficult for sensitive corals to thrive in. We’d only recommend the Kedsum to owners on a tight budget, as it comes at a much lower price point.

Maxspect Gyre Aquarium Pump vs Aquaneat’s Aquarium WaveMaker

Aquaneat’s Aquarium WaveMaker uses two powerheads instead of one. This provides a wider current flow than the Kedsum, but will not provide even circulation as the Maxspect can. Users looking for a limited single direction current may consider the Aquaneat to simulate almost river-like conditions.

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