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Tetra Algae Control Review


Tetra Algae Control Review

Few things take away from the beauty of an aquarium as quickly as an algae bloom. Blanketweed, blue-green, or brown algae growths can spread quickly and may prove difficult to remove. Thankfully, there are products available that are designed to help us remove these unwanted outbreaks. In this review for Tetra Algae Control we will share our research into this algaecide and let you know why it is one of the best out there!

Product works quickly
Can be used in occupied aquarium
Target specific product safe for most planted tanks

Unsafe for crustaceans and invertebrates
May damage newly established bacteria


Tetra Algae Control is formulated to eliminate algae growth in an aquarium and prevent it from returning. This algaecide is designed to attack specific types of algae, a feature that allows it to be used safely in planted aquariums. When used as directed, this product will work in concentration levels that are not dangerous to the fish in the tank.

Tetra’s formula is offered in bottles with eyedropper spouts. This design allows the user to add the algae control into the water accurately, helping to eliminate guesswork. The concentrated formula comes in a variety of sizes that will cater to a customer’s potential needs without requiring storage for large quantities of rarely used chemicals.

How to Use Tetra Algae Control

Tetra AlgaeControl Water Treatments, 3.38-Fluid OunceThe treatment should be applied after the tank has been cleaned by hand in order to provide the best results. Drops can be added directly to the aquarium or placed in a cup of aquarium water. Adding a diluted cup of algae control, or placing the drops in an agitated area of the water column, will help to distribute the treatment evenly and quickly.

Additional treatments can be added every three days but should not exceed more than three total treatments. Tetra Algae Control recommends that dead algae should be cleaned between treatments. They also suggest partial water changes when algae treatments are finished. We found no noted benefits in changing the water between multiple treatments.

We note that a well-aerated water column handles the treatment better. Also, we suggest that you remove any active carbon used for chemical filtration, as it will leech the algae control out of the water.

Tetra Algae Control Dosage

The labeling on the product indicates that a user should add 1-milliliter for every 45-liters of aquarium water (Tetra equates this to 12-gallons of tank water). That formula would equate to just over 1.5-drops per gallon, but most resources will indicate a ratio of 1-drop per gallon.

We recommend following the one drop for each gallon of aquarium water. It is important to avoid overdosing the water column, as this can alter the water quality to the point of toxicity.

How Long Does It Take To Work?

Tetra Algae Control formula will produce results within the first 24-hours. Comments and video documentation from customers indicate a visual difference in water clarity within a few hours. The treatment will run its full course in 72-hours.

Can It Be Harmful To Fish?

Tetra provides this algaecide in a concentrated form, so it will be crucial that directions are followed in order to prevent over-treatment. Proper dosages should not be harmful to fish in the tank but can be toxic to shrimp and other invertebrates at any dosage level.

How Does Tetra Algae Control Compare To The Competition?

Tetra Algae Control is probably the best-known algaecide out there but let’s see how it compares to the competition.

Tetra Algae Control vs API AlgaeFix

API’s AlgaeFix solution works in a similar manner as Tetra’s but is not as strong. API’s AlgaeFix may be preferred by users who desire less powerful dosages.

Tetra Algae Control vs Nualgi Aquarium Nutrition

Nualgi’s Aquarium Nutrition operates differently than other algae removers by starving unwanted algae strains through promoting “good” algae growth. This product may be preferred by aquarists searching for natural algae control.

Tetra Algae Control vs Jungle’s Tank Buddies Tablets

Jungle’s Tank Buddies tablets are easier to use (one tablet per 10-gallons of water), but cannot be placed in aquariums with live plants.

Final Thoughts

Tetra Algae Control is an established name in the market, and its algae control solution provides treatments against a variety of unwanted algae species. Its ability to function in aquariums with live fish and plants makes it a welcome tool for keeping our aquariums beautiful!

We hope this review for Tetra Algae Control was helpful, please feel free to leave any comments or questions below.

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